Hurt yourself? do these 5 things

When an acute injury occurs, take the R.I.C.E.R approach:

  • Rest

  • Ice

  • Compress

  • Elevate

  • Referral

Easy enough. Rest until you can begin some weight bearing or range of motion with the affected area. Warning: not moving at all will not help you, early movement will help with your rehab to reduce pain and stiffness.

Ice for pain and swelling management for up to 72 hours afterwards. The traditional method is 20 min on, 20 min off. Make sure the ice is not directly applied to the skin as it can create a cold burn. Avoid alcohol as this will increase blood flow to the area.

Compress with tubigrip or compression garments if available.

Elevate for swelling control.

Referral. This is not emphasised enough. An example of this is high rate of subsequent ankle sprains after the initial sprain. Without rehabilitation therapy, the ankle is more likely to be re-injured as the foot tends to position facing inwards thus rolling the ankle outwards which is how most ankle sprains occur. The leg tends to become more rigid on landing which creates increased stress on the rest of the leg and back. Its easy to see how one injury can potentially create new others if not managed early.

Call Alex Ban Physiotherapy in Camden on 4655 9558 if you you have suffered an injury for a detailed examination to find the reasons why and how to fix it.

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