Neck pain! Be gone

Many people live with neck pain either in a chronic or acute state. Loss of range of movement, activity restriction, headaches, stiffness and pain are all too common for sufferers and it doesn't have to be this way. Physiotherapy can help those suffering!

Common mechanisms are whiplash injury in acutes situations or an insidious pattern which I find often is related to posture, occupation, stress, breathing or an old untreated injury popping up, often the jaw, shoulder and upper back are affected also.


Individually tailoring treatments is vital for neck pain as it can be a really touchy area and can easily be aggravated if care is not taken. Options such as massage, joint mobilisation or manipulation, dry needling can be highly effective.

Exercise programs need to work on neck and shoulder stability, posture and any underlying dysfunctions. It is possible to stop the cycle of neck pain if the proper steps are taken.

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