After jellyfish attack!

I recently completed my first half-triathalon with one goal in mind, to finish.

The swim leg was the stuff of nightmares, flocks of jellyfish and the realisation that we were caught in the middle of them. During the bike leg, I was being passed by carbon fiber biker riders while on my mountain bike, my mind wandered from pedaling to the countryside, how uncomfortable my seat was and the tentacle stings still fresh. The run couldn't come quickly enough.

The run was a strength for my friend and I and we passed people in the heat. My mind wandered again from our pace and form to that of the people we passed. Being a physio, I couldn't help analysing running gait and breathing patterns of these people and it was easy to see that the top performers looked effortless, aligned and co-ordinated while the tail end of the field left a lot to be desired.

It re-inforced the notion that the performance of any athlete or weekend warrior can be improved though a breakdown of how they move and breath. It can also prevent injury by identifying risk factors. I could see all the things I would address for these people if I had the opportunity and help them improve their performance and realise their full potential.

There is a view that physiotherapy can only help athletes perform better, not true. If you walk, talk or breathe, you could benefit from a bio-mechanical analysis. Also don't even swim near jellyfish!

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