Vertigo and dizziness

Vertigo and dizziness are interest areas of mine since my partner and I have both experienced this for very different reasons.

Since my episode, I have researched and attended courses to increase my skills in detecting and managing conditions associated with vertigo. I've learnt that this area can be treated very simply if the correct diagnosis is found and contributing factors are addressed.

Most people know about the "crystals" of the inner ear which can cause vertigo, this condition is known as BPPV and can be treated very well with an experienced physiotherapist.

There are many other conditions which mirror vertigo symptoms and are often labelled as BPPV, however a trained therapist should be able to determine the exact cause and change treatments accordingly, this can vary a lot.

Most of the time the underlying condition is benign and huge symptoms changes can be achieved within the first session, however occasionally there is a serious cause and immediate action is needed so I would recommend seeking prompt medical care to be on the safer side.

Early management to reduced the vertigo sensations and correct diagnosis is key. Nausea reduction medications are appropriate but only for a very brief period as they have negative side effects with prolonged use.


- early physio input can be very effective in reducing symptoms

- many different causes to vertigo or dizziness

- reduce anti-nausea medications as soon as possible

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